Monthly Archives: October 2014

My Decision That Paid Off

I once had a horrible experience with rats. I was living in an apartment with rat problem. However, my landlord has continued to ignore it saying he had called an exterminator before but the rats would keep on coming. I doubted him. I know my landlord or maybe the kind of person he is – an irresponsible and lying bigot.

I have been hearing the rats each night. I can hear them squeak across the hall and scratch behind the walls. I was seeing rat droppings everywhere as well as their chew marks. They even chewed on my favorite sneakers. Once, I even found a dead rat underneath the sink. Wow! Such a great choice for his final resting place! It really made my place stink for a couple of days!

Because my landlord seems to be uninterested in solving my problem, I decided to muster all of my courage and ask him if I could just work on the solution myself or call rodent pest control Newport Beach to take care of the rats. Fortunately, he was willing to let me solve the problem. I guess my landlord understands the gravity of my situation.

I found a good company after I have spoken with several people and scoured over the internet. I was lucky that the company had credible information. You know the kind of company that you can easily trust and rely upon. The crew was very professional and they did a good job that didn’t disturb the other tenants. My landlord was with me that time and he himself was impressed with their work. He was so impressed that he asked for them to take care of the entire building.

I was really happy that my decision had such a positive effect to me as well as to my landlord. I guess my decision to confront my landlord regarding this problem really paid off.