Don’t Let Dust Accumulate Inside Your Ducts


That was what my mom said in surprise when we had our air ducts cleaned last fall by Apparently we have neglected our air ducts and we have accumulated lots and lots of dust and dirt inside it. And I really agree with her reaction. It was really surprising. I have never seen large tufts of dust before. It was the size of my fist or was it bigger. I don’t know but I do know they were large and quite FLUFFY if you ask me. HAHA. LOL.

But having large tufts of dust inside your air ducts is no laughing matter. You know they are dangerous to your health. They make the air quality inside your home unsafe for the family. Dusts are allergens that can cause a wide variety of skin and respiratory problems like skin allergies, stuffy nose, nose allergies and asthma. We were just lucky we have strong immune system (PROUD OF IT!) which is why nothing of sort happened to us. Seriously, we had dusts accumulating inside our ducts for several years and we never felt anything bad at all. Other people who are susceptible to such problems would have suffered a lot.

Well, the reason why we had to clean our air ducts was because we had a new baby in the family. The doctor said it would be best to have the air ducts cleaned at home because babies have weak respiratory system. They can easily contract respiratory ailments and if the air ducts were unclean, which were unclean actually, the health of the baby would be compromised. We don’t want that!!! Our sweet baby getting sick is out of the question. Lucky for the baby he had such a loving family like us.

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