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It is hard to Find Fast Food Restaurants These Days

I don’t know about you but in my opinion, it is hard to find a good fast food restaurant these days. Yes, you can easily find a fast food restaurant because you can always find one just around the corner, but when we talk about a good fast food restaurant, with good food, good customer service, good ambiance and good parking then it would be impossible to find one.


It is simply because things are way different now compared to before.

I still remember the old days when fast food was still delicious. Yes, food in the past was very good. It was still the same greasy and fried food but at least you can actually taste and feel real beef and pork. My father would often say that burger places before would use actual ground beef for their patties. Now, burger patties are made from textured vegetable protein, beef fat, meat extenders and very little or no actual ground beef. When it comes to vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes and others, only a few places would use fresh ingredients these days.

In the past, people who work in the fast food industries would provide friendly, courteous and positive customer service. They were always happy to serve customers and help them with their orders. However, this kind of customer service has waned over the years. Fast food workers these days are really rude. If not, then they are either apathetic or irresponsible. They just wouldn’t care. Blame this on the system!

Ambiance? Environment? Well actually, those two things are relative. It’s just our preferences. But somehow, fast food restaurants these days are not imaginative in terms of creating a good place for their customers. I’ve been to a certain KFC restaurant and the ambiance is really bad. A bad ambiance really affects your appetite. If the ambiance is bad, you would easily lose your appetite. If it is good, then it would whet your appetite.

Worst thing about many fast food restaurants these days is the cleanliness. A lot of restaurants these days have poor hygiene. You would hear fast food horror stories involving flies, rodents and cockroaches. There are also restaurants whose workers have sloppy working habits, which would kill your appetite once you see them.

It is because of these things why we search high and low for a good Chicago salad. And when we find a good one, we would cherish and frequent these restaurants.